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The mediation of GDF Suez presented by Michel ASTRUC to the readers of Gas Today

The Mediator of GDF Suez published an article in the review ” Gas today “, of July-August, 2013. Michel Astruc details his role and his implication in the development of the mediation in Europe and in France, evoking the current projects.
He gives details onto the requests of the consumers and on their evolution over the years.
As Mediator of GDF Suez, he mentions his recommendations for 2013, and emphazises on his collaboration, which he considers essential, with consumers’ associations, in the search for amicable settlement of the disputes.

You can download this article by clicking the following link:  Michel Astruc’s article in the Review “Gas today”

The provisions relative to the mediation of the bill “Consumption”

The bill “consumption”, introduced in May, 2013 by the Government, was already examined by the Assembly and the Senate in its first reading.

This text contains two mentions of a possible recourse to the mediation :

  • Within the framework of provisions relative to class action, the applicant consumers’ association can enter mediation with the implicated professional to reach an agreement negotiated in the name of the group of consumers. The concerned consumers can then subscribe to this agreement after its ratification by the judge.
  • It plans besides that any written contracts concluded between a professional and a consumer will have to mention the possibility, in case of contesting, to undertake a conventional mediation procedure or to another alternative mode of dispute settlement.

The Club congratulates itself on the fact that these provisions give to the disputing parties the possibility to call upon the mediation to build solutions and, if necessary, to repair the damages undergone by the consumers.

In this opportunity, the Club reaffirms its commitment to the parties of the volontary use of the mediation.

On July 1st, two new members joined the Club

Gora PATEL, Mediator of the programs of France Télévision

Entered the ORTF in La Reunion in 1970, he  joins  FR3 French overseas departments and territories in 1982, in La Reunion until 1987, then in Guiana from 1987 till 1992, as journalist then Editor-in-chief for  RFO created in 1983.

He returned to La Réunion as Director of the Radio, then Director of the television of « RFO Réunion » and finally Regional Director of « RFO  Réunion ». He joined the parisian head office of RFO in 2002 to be a member of the team which leads to integration of RFO within France Television. Program manager of “RFO Sat” from December 2002 till 2005, he is appointed Director in 2007 for the network of the radios of RFO. In January 2010, he became Director for the coordination of the Ultramarine stations.

He carried out this function until his apointment in April 2013, from Alain LE GARREC, as Mediator of the programs of all the channels of the Group France Télévisions (France 2, 3, 4, 5, Ô)

Jean-François CHADELAT, Mediator of the Agricultural Social Mutual insurance

Appointed by the Board of Directors of the MSA as the post of Mediator for a once renewable mandate of 3 years, Jean-François CHADELAT took his new functions  of Mediator, on January 1st, 2013. He succeeds Pierre-Henri DEGREGORI.

General honorary inspector of social affairs, Jean-François CHADELAT spent all his career in the field of the social welfare.

He was successively Managing Director of the central Agency for the bodies of Social Security (ACOSS), Manager of the Solidarity Fund Old Age,  from 1997 till 2001, and President of GIP card of healthcare professional, from 2003 till 2012, Director of the fund of financing for  the complementary protection of the risk of disease- CMU (Free Universal Health Care).