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Directive and regulation of May 21st, 2013 : A new European advance for mediation to the advantage of the consumers

The Club of the Mediators of services to the public congratulates itself on the adoption by the European Parliament, on March 12th , 2013, of the Directive relative to the extrajudicial regulation of the disputes of consumption and the regulation concerning the on-line regulation of the disputes, two proposals were presented to the European Commission in November 2011.

The Directive plans a generalized and facilitated access of the consumers of goods or services to the alternative modes of resolution of disputes, in particular mediation. It brings real guarantees on the progress of the procedures (transparency, efficiency, speed). It also fixes for the Mediators strict but proportioned requirements, the independence and the impartiality as well as the skills (capacity in the mediation, the legal knowledge).

The Club of the Mediators of services to the Public, whose domain of several of its members enter the field of the Directive, the postal, financial, banking services or of insurance, transport, energy, congratulates itself for this new frame which goes to the direction of the development of quality mediations.

The Club will thus be very attentive to its implementation in French law in which it wishes to take an active part

The Regulation plans for the implementation of an European platform of on-line regulation by the mediation of the disputes relative to the goods or the acquired services by using electronic means. The Club will quickly make its concrete contribution to the realization of this project in the service of the mediation