The Club de Médiateurs de Services au Public (Club of Public services Mediators) maintains close relations with other mediation bodies.


Associations of Mediators

Mediators’ organizations are active at European level. Several mediators in the Club of Mediators are present in these organizations.

EEMG: European Energy Mediators Group

BEUC (European Consumer Organization)

BEUC is one of the most active consumer organizations at European level and regularly works on mediation-related topics.

In this regard, the Club of Mediators has contacts with this organization.

European Commission / DG SANCO and DG JHA

The services of the European Commission regularly organize work on mediation (consultations, preparation of texts, etc.)

In this regard, the Club of Mediators is in frequent contact with these services.

The ECC (European Consumer Centre)

The ECC is an institution dedicated to the protection of European consumers. In this capacity, it serves as an observatory and relay point for complaints from European consumers and for potential malfunctions of the internal market vis-à-vis national and European bodies.