The Conference organized by the Club of the Mediators of Services to the Public took place last thursday, January 17th in the Jena Palace, seat of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council and gathered more than 300 participants. This event will remain a turning point which celebrates the 10 years of existence of the Club.

Ce colloque avait pour thème : « Médiation, la Confiance d’abord ».

The debates dealt with numerous societal topics : the mediation at school, the frequent toughening of behavior of the consumer, the treatment of cross-border disputes, the energy precariousness, the mediations with local communities, the role of the Commission of the Mediation of Consumption and the reform proposals which accompany the resolution of individual disputes concerning each member of the Club.

Since its creation in 2002, nearly half a million of our felow countrymen approached at least one of its members. From now on, about 100 000 persons apply , every year, to the Mediators of the Club.

To know more about it, download the program and the press release of the conference:

Program of January 17th, 2013

Press release – Club of the Mediators- Conference of January 17th, 2013

Les Actes du colloque-17 janvier 2013