Our values

Mediators of the Club reaffirm the values which, in the permanent respect for the legal rules, are the reference frameof their action:

  • Respect for people, their opinions and their positions : it concerns the applicant as well as the staff of the  institution concerned,
  • Will to search for amicable solutions to the disputes,
  • balanced, attentive and available listening of the parties: the Ombudsman makes listening a duty, he takes into account the specific situation of each party,
  • impartiality with regard to the partiess (applicant and institution with which the Mediator exercises its activity): the Mediator never stands up for one party.
  • respect for the principle of the contradictory: the Mediator ensureq that the parties have the possibility to  express their point of view and to be aware  of  all the arguments and with all the facts put  forward by both parties;
  • equity : beyond the applicable rule of law, it is to take into account specific context of each case,
  • transparency: the Mediator has a duty to provide information on its role, the process and the results of its activity. He exercises it, in particular through its annual report which he makes public, this report also contain his recommendations or improvement processes
  • confidentiality: the Mediator and the parties are bound by confidentiality for personal data and information obtained during the dispute instruction. The examples quoted in the annual report of the Mediator must be presented under anonymous shape.