The Insurance Mediator

Philippe Baillot
Médiateur de l’Assurance TSA 50110 75441 Paris Cedex 09

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Philippe Baillot has been nominated as the Insurance Ombudsman in November 2015 by a nomination committee consisting of the President of the National Institute of Consumption, the President of the Financial Advisory Committee and the President of the French Insurance Association.

Its mandate is three years, renewable.

The Insurance Ombudsman carries out its mission independently. Each year the Insurance Ombudsman draws up and publishes a report which reflects the activity of insurance mediation. This report suggests the establishment of corrective action to avoid the repetition of the dysfunctions observed.

The Insurance Ombudsman is a member of the European network FIN NET which established by the European Commission to ease court settlement of border conflicts in the financial field.

In which cases to appeal to the Insurance Ombudsman?

The insurance Ombudsman’s mission is to reach agreed solutions to solve conflicts between an insured and an insurer or between an intermediary and an insured regarding the application or the interpretation of the insurance contract.

The insurance Ombudsman can’t be referred if there is a pending court case on the same facts.

When to request the Insurance Ombudsman?

The Insurance Ombudsman can be requested by e-mail in French or English language. He is only competent after exhaustion of review procedures of the insurance company as provided if necessary in the contract (claims made by the insurer) or in case of no response to his written request within two months.

The insured must send a letter with the useful elements for the examination of the application.

Annual reports



How to request the Ombudsman?

The Insurance Ombudsman can be requested:

  • By postal address:
    La Médiation de l’Assurance
    TSA 50110
    75441 Paris Cedex 09

For more informations:

Mediation procedure

Mediation procedure is free.

The application process is confidential.

The Insurance Ombudsman makes a reasoned opinion in law and equity within 3 months after receipt of the complete file.

“It is, in any views expressed by the Insurance Ombudsman, said he was prepared to consider points of law and equity, but also for the sake of settlement.”

The view of the Insurance Ombudsman may be different from a court decision which applied legal provisions.