The Mediator for the ministries of economy and finance

Christophe Baulinet
BP 60 153 - 14010 CAEN Cedex 1

Christophe BAULINET was appointed mediator of the Ministry of Finance and Public Accounts and of the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Digital, by ministerial decree of July 8, 2016, pursuant to Decree No. 2002-612 of 26 April 2002 establishing a mediator for the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry. 

Inspector-General of Finance, Christophe BAULINET, born on May 31, 1958, served as Deputy Director General of Energy and Raw Materials (2000-2003), FEDEM General Delegate, Industrial Federation (2003 -2007), Deputy Head of the Inspectorate General of Finance (2007-2008), Chairman of the Interministerial Commission for the Coordination of Control of European Agricultural Aid (2008-2013); He presided over the following public bodies : EPFR (2009-2014), EPRD (2009-2013) and ERAP (2009-2011), as well as the Public-Private Partnership Support Mission (2010- 2011). He was Government Commissioner to the High Council of the Order of Chartered Accountants (2013-2016).

 He is also a member of the Public Service Ethics Committee.

 He is a knight in the Order of the Legion of Honor, a knight in the National Order of Merit.

In which cases requesting the Mediator?

You can request the Mediator of the Ministries of the Economy and the Budget for any persisting dispute between a private individual or a company and administrations of both ministries in their relations with the users:

  • If you disagree with the calculation of your taxes (income tax, local taxes, VAT) or – – if you meet great difficulties for  payment,
  • if you have a customs problem,
  • if you have problems of consumption;
    the mediator is competent for the only disputes with the administration; if it is about private disputes of consumption, he will indicate you the competent services to be requested or the concerned mediator, if he exists.
  • For any other dispute with the administration of the Finances.

When requesting the Mediator?

The complaints are admissible only in case of persistent dispute after the user ha (private individual) undertaken a first approach followed by a partial or total refusal of the concerned services.So, regarding taxes, it is advised, before requesting the Mediator, to contact first the departmental fiscal Conciliator.

How to request the Mediator?

Simplicity and free access :

Requesting the Mediator requires no formalism: a simple letter, accompanied with the photocopies of relevant documents explaining the dispute, is enough. It is also possible to complete the on-line form.- Write in indicating your complete address.

  • Write in indicating your complete address.
  • Explain your dispute in a concise way by specifying your request and the initiatives which you have already undertaken with the administration.-
  • Send your mail : Monsieur le Médiateur des ministères de l’Economie et du Budget – BP 60153 14010 CAEN Cedex 1

Efficiency, speed and confidentiality:

Any complaint gives rise to an immediate aknowledgement of receipt.

The Mediator investigates the requests neutrally and in impartially.

His mediation is founded on law and equity.The Mediator treats the cases within 2 to 3 months.At the end of the mediation, you will receive – as well as the concerned service – a mail of the Mediator expressing his position and the proposed solution.

This solution commits the administration but is never compulsory for the user. You remain always free to request the judge.The process of mediation and the recommendation of the Mediator are confidential unless the parties decide differently.

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