The Mediator for Paris Habitat – OPH

Danièle Aguanno-Promonet
Paris Habitat OPH Le Médiateur du locataire 21 bis rue Claude Bernard 75253 Paris Cedex 05

Paris Habitat-OPH, first French social public lessor, is a leading player of the social housing in the capital. It contributes to develop the offer of social housing in Paris and in surburbs. Administrator of an estate of 120 000 housing, Paris Habitat-OPH accommodates approximately 280 000 persons.

The mediation of the tenant of Paris Habitat-OPH, independent and innovative structure in the environment of the social lessors, was created at the end of 2010. It aims at developing a better quality of service by proposing a new space for dialogue, independent and autonomous to the tenants.Danièle Aguanno-Promonet was appointed Mediator of the tenant of Paris Habitat-OPH in November, 2010.

Professional of the social housing, she previously conducted the management of 25 000 housing for a territorial direction.

How does the mediation of the tenant take place?

Seek solutions and bring recommendations

The mediator of the tenant has the will to listen and to propose solutions to settle not resolved disputes between a tenant and Paris Habitat-OPH services.This space dedicated to recourse and dialogue facilitates the link between the lessor and the tenant, even revives it. All the tenants of Paris Habitat-OPH may contact the mediator, if they are tenants of housing, a parking lot, an associative or commercial premises.Impartiality, equity and respect are core values of the mission. The mediator is also strength of proposals, from the made reports, to develop the procedures and the existing practices.

The mediator is also source of proposals, based on observations, to change the existing procedures and practices.

Have a structured and transparent approach

The mediation of the tenant of Paris Habitat-OPH is structured around major principles of functioning and a common ethics with the mediators of services to the public. A charter, approved by the Board of directors in March, 2011, formalized this framework.The Board of directors of Paris Habitat-OPH ensures the respect for the founding principles of the charter of the mediator of the tenant

Facilitate the access to the mediation

The tenants can request the mediation directly or th rough of a third party (relative, neighbor, association of tenants, consumers). An application form for mediation, optional, is at their disposal in Paris-Habitat agencies or directly accessible via the tenant extranet.

The request must be formulated in writing using the form or on plain paper. The file, with documents allowing the study of the situation, is to be sent by mail. A phone contact can precede this approach.A guide dedicated to the mediation process and its functioning was broadcasted with the tenants and the institutional. This document is provided on request and/or downloadable from the Internet.

Adaptation to each situation

The mediation team examines the situation with the provided documents and in connection with the Paris Habitat-OPH services, or partners on behalf of Habitat Paris.
The exchange with the applicant is adapted to the situations encountered, and this in respect of confidentiality. This is concretely translated by phone calls or home visits and / or appointments at the headquarters of the organization.

So that the most suitable solution is found, any proposal is considered in connection with the services of Paris Habitat, ensuring its feasibility. The proposal is formalized in writing in the form of “recommendation” and commitments are being closely monitored.

Join a partnership approach

The first exchanges introduced with the actors of the institutional mediation from the creation of the mission mediation in Paris Habitat and the contribution of their expertise, have allowed to build the founding principles of the mediation of the tenant.

The collaboration that develops over months with actors of a broad professional environment helps to identify better client expectations and to favor the dispute settlement.

In this respect, the cooperations that develop with the Club of the Mediators of services to the public, the associations of consumers and tenants and the arbitration committee of the Prefecture, constitute constructive contributions.