The Club de Médiateurs de Services au Public (Club of Public services Mediators) celebrated on 16 June in Bercy (French Ministry of Finance) the millionth referral by a user or consumer to a mediator who is a member of the Club, since its creation in 2002.

Now, over 120,000 referrals are addressed to the Club’s mediators every year.

On this occasion, Martine Pinville, Secretary of State for Consumer Affairs, spoke about her wish to see more widespread recourse to mediation across all consumer sectors.

In continuation of this event, the annual meeting between consumer organizations and members of the Club was held. This is of particular importance for the Club since it makes it possible to obtain their views on the functioning of mediation and discuss the most frequently encountered cases.

Claude Nocquet, President of the CECM (Mediation Evaluation and Control Commission), shared her experience of the first months of operation of this authority, which is assigned the task of establishing the list of mediators meeting the criteria of competence, independence, impartiality and efficiency.

The meeting ended with extensive exchanges between consumer organizations and members of the Club of Mediators, on the latest news and future prospects in the field of mediation.

For more information about this event held on 16 June, read the Minister’s press release on the Ministry of the Economy website by clicking the following link