Our commitments

We conform to the values which gather us and we apply the Charter of the Club.

We offer users or customers a service that simplifies the resolution of disputes:

  • Personalized,
  • Easy access,
  • Free,
  • Similar regardless of the financial importance of the dispute,
  • Rapid,
  • Effective
  • Confidential.

We accept referrals we receive:

  • Either directly addressed by the applicants themselves
  • Or indirectly, for example through a consumer association.

We provide a personalized response to any referral ​​that reaches us.

We look for a solution that can be accepted by both parties, after listening them

The advice or recommendation we formulate at the end of the instruction concern  all the questions  raised by the applicant and are motivated.

We follow in a suited way the implementation of our notices or recommendations

We adapt permanently our processes to the new technologies to facilitate the access to our services and accelerate the instruction of cases

We alert  the bodies involved in observed or proved dysfunctions and we propose ways of sustainable improvement.