Mediation is an  “alternative disputes resolution method”. It can be used in order to avoid any legal action or to settle individual disputes between persons, companies or institutions.

Free, fast, easily accessible, Mediation is used when every other internal appeal has been used. This amicable process involves time, and technical and legal analysis, to be carried out while respecting the values of mediation : attention, fairness, neutrality, respect of the contradictory, confidentiality. The outcome of the Mediation leads to a legal and balanced input on a hold perior of one to three months (it can be more due to the complexity of the case), which the complainants are free to accept or refuse. a

Many institutions and companies choosed to have a Mediator to offer a better treatment to their customers for the past ten years. By the position they have, their experience, their moral and professional authority, and their total independence from institutions or companies, theses Mediators have an important complementary function : they help resolving disputes but they also prevent them by giving advices to their companies and institutions in order to improve processes.