How is your case examined ?

Upon receipt of your complete application, that is to say :  a letter or a message explaining the dispute, with copies of relevant documents, the Mediator  will send you an acknowledgment of receipt as soon as possible.

A request for additional information or documentation may be asked  to appreciate the admissibility of your referral, or to allow the instruction

If your referral is accepted, the Mediator will contact theuseful  persons or services for the instruction of the case in the case, and this by any means. The parties must provide the Mediator with all information allowing him   to investigate the dispute.

From the first mail which will be sent to you, you will be informed about specific limitation periods so that you did not lose your rights to act in justice.

The Mediator may also wish to hear and/or to receive personally both parties. However, the Mediator can decide to conduct the investigations on documents exclusively.

If the complexity of the case makes it necessary, the Mediator may call an expert whom he chooses freely considering his skills in the field of activity concerned.

The Mediator will propose in writing, within a fixed deadline, generally two months, a solution considered as acceptable and will send it  to the parties in the dispute.

The Mediator may close the mediation without formulating any advice or recommendation if he notices either the emergence of an amicable solution under his authority, or a withdrawal of the parties, or a persistent disagreement.

If your referral is not admissible :

  • the Mediator will forward the file internally to the competent  service  to  treat the request, a service in charge of relationships with customers for example,  if the preliminary steps have not been taken or not completed
  • he will give you the useful indications to direct the initiatives  to be led

In both cases, you will be informed as soon as possible.