The listening and the respect for persons, their opinions and their positions

The charter of the Mediators of services to the public enumerates the values to which the Members of the Club of the Mediators of Services to the Public are profoundly attached because they consider them as necessary conditions for the treatment of the disputes which are submitted to them.

It is thus not a coincidence if, in the front row of these values, we can read :

“The respect for the persons, for their opinions and for their positions”. This value is translated in particular by the importance which the Mediator gives to listening to the parties of the dispute : listening to the citizen, the user or the customer, who asked for the mediation; listening to the professional or the administration with whom the applicant is in dispute.

Whatever the nature or the cause of the dispute, the Mediator has to deal with persons whose legitimate requirement is to be respected and listened to as such and to benefit from an attentive listening to expose their respective positions. This respective listening is on the basis of the impartiality of the Mediator.

By commiting to this respect, the Mediator puts the base of established mediation to the recognition of the actors and so invites each of the parties to accept the other one as the interlocutor to find a solution to the dispute within the framework of the mediation.