Mediation practiced by members of the Club de Médiateurs de Services au Public (Club of Public services Mediators) must be exemplary. It takes place within a process that is specific to it and requires professional skills and full familiarity with the institution or company.

In this context, the Club has expressed the wish to harmonise the quality of mediation practiced by the members of the Club and engage in a continual process of improvement. In fact, “training” qualifying people for mediation, incorporated within a programme of appropriate specialised training courses, contributes to the professionalisation of the teams and the quality of mediation.

Design of the professionalisation scheme

The central module of the course, was designed by the “training working group” of the Club of Mediators, which was itself trained up in this field. The main objective was to facilitate the development of skills both internally within the organization to which the Mediator and their team belong (professionalisation courses) and externally.

It focuses on two core modules:

  • The “mediation process” module made up of four parts (the expertise of the field of activity, the quality of mediation and familiarity with the environment).
  • The “training plan” module containing training or specific activities, supplementing this module.

The purpose of the procedure:

Understand the position of the Mediator and the specificities of their missions (legal and cultural aspects of the activity, the main principles that underpin mediation, the various types of mediation and its place in society)

Understand the steps and methodology involved in the process of examining a mediation case.

Acquire communication and conflict management techniques which are useful to conducting examination of cases.


To meet these requirements, the Club de Médiateurs de Services au Public (Club of Public services Mediators) set up, in partnership with the IGPDE (Institute of Public Management and Economic Development), a professionalisation scheme for its members and their teams.

Since January 2010, eight sessions have been held which were attended by more than eighty-nine participants. They include both theoretical and practical case studies covering the mediation process.

The training sessions are open:

To mediators who are members of the Club de Médiateurs de Services au Public (Club of Public services Mediators) and their staff.

Mediators who share the values and principles of mediation as enshrined in the Charter of the Club of Mediators as well as staff in their teams.