Will the Mediator be able to examine your case?

Your request will be processed by the Mediator :

  • Whether it falls within his competence area,
  • If no solution, that you could consider as  satisfactory wa proposed within a reasonable period, usually two months after filing a complaint with local services and, after recourse  to a service in charge of processing claims,
  • If you have submitted all the documents required for the study of your case, including those that were eventually requested by the Mediator in addition to your initial referral.

Your request can not be processed by the Mediator :

  • When the dispute is outside the field of competence  of the Mediator,
  • When the request is premature, that is to say, if the preliminary steps to the competent services – services in charge  of relations with customers, for example – have not been made. Before an action for mediation, you should have exhausted all the ways of appeal with the service concerned by the dispute,
  • And for many  mediators, if legal action is or was  initiated.