Meeting with the associations of consumers

The Club of the Mediators held its annual meeting with consumer’s Associations on march 22nd of this year. The event concerned essentially the evolution of the national and European legal frameworks concerning the mediation and the current events of the Club.

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Meeting with the associations of consumers

On March 22nd of this year, the Club invited, as does every year, approved consumers’ associations for an exchange on the main news headlines.

The President of the Club of the Mediators of Services to the Public emphasised the importance of this meeting in compliance with the partnership concluded between consumers’ associations and the Club and which allowed in particular the elaboration and the broadcasting of the ” Guide of the partnership “.

The members of the Club then made a point on the current events and on the recent changes intervened in 2011: its  constitution in association law 1901, which allows itto work in a more structured way, the creation of the web site and the development and the strengthening of the formation/training device.

The approach of the association to widen its composition in a  progressive and measured way to respect the efficiency of the Club was translated by the membership of three new members: the Mediator of Water, the Mediator of Electronic Communications and the Mediator of Employment Agency.

The evolutions of the national and European legal frameworks were also widely evoked : transposition of the directive of May, 2008 on the mediation in civil and commercial subjects, operated by the prescription of November 18th, 2011, as the proposal of the Directive on the extra-judicial regulation of the disputes of consumption or the project of regulation on the on-line treatment of the disputes of consumption, both in the course of adoption.

The President of the Commission of the Mediation of the Consumption, Madam Elyane ZARINE presented for her part the works and in particular the implementation under her aegis of a device of referencing of the mediators.

The rich debates between consumers’ associations and members of the Club showed in particular the attachment of all the participants to the existence of a mediation for the service of consumers, which guarantees to th0se free access, efficiency and impartiality