The intervention of the Mediator of GDF Suez and the Mediator with BNP Paribas in the days of the francophone Mediation in Bucharest

On September 12th and 13th, Michel Astruc, the Mediator of GDF Suez and Dominique Chevaillier Boisseau, the Mediator with BNP Paribas, participated in the Days of the francophone Mediation in Bucharest, whose objective was to share the practices of mediation in the French-speaking area, on the initiative of the Institute of the Mediation in french-speaking countries (IMEF) and the ACRFPC (Rumanian body for training).

Both Mediators led the round table dedicated to companies involment in the amicable settlement of disputes, in the service of the RSE (corporate social responsibility of companies). Representatives of Apanova (water distribution in Bucharest), of the national Bank of Romania, Orange, the BNP and GDF Suez in Romania were present.

In this opportunity, TV Romania realized an interview of the Mediator with BNP Paribas and with the Mediator of GDF Suez. They spoke about  the main values which characterize the mediation, such as the listening, respect, neutrality, impartiality, the confidentiality and independence. They also stressed the importance of  encouraging the development of the amicable settlement of the disputes