The Mediator for France 2 information

Nicolas Jacobs
7, esplanade Henri-de-France 75907 Paris Cedex 15

What is the role of the Mediator?

The Mediator of the information of France 2 is appointed for three years by the President of France Télévisions and placed under its direct responsibility.
He is independent from any hierarchy, exercises no editorial responsibility and intervenes in first instance.

In what cases requesting the Mediator?

The mediator of the information of France2 provides the interface between the televiewers and the channel. For this they can request him directly by mail or email.He examines all the requests and decides to follow up or not the complaints.
He communicates his opinion to the concerned parties and decides, if necessary, to make it public.

Who can request the Mediator?

The mediator of the information can be also requested by the President of France Télévisions, the director of the channel or the managing editor.
Finally he can lead a reflection on a number of recurring themes by associating the persons in charge of the editorial staff and the outer participants whom they consider competent on the subject.

To request the Mediator :