Michel Astruc
contact : 06 87 60 64 27

Michel Astruc was Mediator of GDF SUEZ since his appointment in November 2005 until 1 July 2014.


He was an active member of the Club such as the initiator of the training program specific to Club members and their teams, and as a facilitator of the Drafting Committee of the Club website.


Therefore, following the cessation of its activity for GDF SUEZ, the Club decided to designate him as an honorary member.


For Michel Astruc, being Mediator of GDF SUEZ has been an exciting experience.


Indeed mediation grows in various fields and in various forms in several countries with, in all cases, a central focus on restoring disturbed or broken links in litigation.


Thus mediation is particularly useful in the energy sector which is a complex and sensitive social and economic field.


From Europe to Brazil, Morocco, Mexico, he has been involved in improving the mediation mechanism of GDF SUEZ, in supporting the creation of various mediation systems in several countries, and promoting mediation of quality across many studies, presentations and Symposia.


Beyond its mandate in the GDF SUEZ Group, he continues his work by various studies and to promote mediation and contribute to its development.