The Mediator for SNCF Mobilités

Bernard Cieutat
Monsieur le Médiateur de la SNCF 45, rue de Londres 75008 PARIS

Bernard Cieutat is the Mediator of the SNCF(FRENCH NATIONAL RAILWAY COMPANY. He was appointed by the President of the SNCF in 2006. His term is of three years renewable. He is bound by no hierarchical relationship within the SNCF. Every year, he presents an activity report to the représentatives of recognized national consumer associations.

In which cases requesting the Mediator?

You can request the Mediator when you have a dispute with the SNCF which concerns the following domains:

  • Commercial disputes with the SNCF CARRIER,
  • Violations of the Railway Police.

When requesting the Mediator?

The Mediator’s intervention is possible if after a written customer complaint, the SNCF did not answer after a period of one month or opposite a written refusal.

How requesting the Mediator?

Since September 29th, 2011, The Mediator of the SNCF can be requested on the Internet : section “vie pratique”, “Médiateur” tab.It remains possible to send him a mail to the following address: 45, rue de Londres, 75008 Paris.The recourse to the Mediator is free. The treatment of your file is confidential and you receive an answer, in principle, withinin 2 months, 4 months for the complex cases.