The Mediator for the RATP

Betty Chappe
Mme la Médiatrice de la RATP LAC LC12 54 quai de la Rapée 75599 Paris Cedex 12

Betty Chappe was named mediating of the RATP (PARIS PUBLIC TRANSPORT SYSTEM) in March 2015, further to the plenary of the committee of dialogue with consumers’ associations of December, 2014. Of her previous posts, in particular regarding transport and regarding accessibility to the disabled people she acquired an experience and a conviction that the mobility is in the center of a more including society. Very attached to the respect for the word of each, in search of objectification, she qualifies the mediation as a space of listening and dialogue, allowing to find ways of dispute settlement and to restore the trust between both parts.

She handles the court referrals sent by the customers in a independent way, by having access to the services of the company beside of which she can exercise her right(law) of investigation

In what cases requesting the Mediator?

  • Following an offence to the police transports,
  • For a dispute related to the execution of transport contract,
  • In the execution of the contract of transport,
  • In the functioning of networks,
  • Damages – other than physical – undergone inside the domain of RATP
  • For questions relating the quality of the service.

When requesting the Mediator?

When a customer wants to request the Mediator, he must previously have presented a complaint to the customer service of the RATP and have received an answer from it which does not satisfy him. Failing that, the referral of the customer is not eligible by the Mediator.

How requesting the Mediator?

By mail :

Mme la Médiatrice de la RATP – LAC LC80 – 54 quai de la Rapée – 75599 PARIS Cedex 12

Recourse to the Mediator is free. The treatment of your case is confidential and you receive an answer, in principle within 45 days.