The Mediator for National Education and Higher Education

Claude Bisson-Vaivre is the Mediator of the Education and the higher education. The mediator is a “third”, it is not an internal service receiving the appeals. Every year, he puts back to the Secretaries a report of his activity in which he proposes measures, from a joint work with the academic mediators, which seem to him useful to improve the public service of the Education and the higher education.

In what cases requesting the Mediator?

You can request the Mediator if:

  • You are a pupil’s parent in conflict with a teacher or the administration and dialogue is broken.
  • You do not manage to obtain the explanations regarding your child.
  • You are a student or an adult in training and you do not manage to be listened on a problem concerning scholarship fund,, registration, progress of an examination…
  • You are a teacher or an administrative and you disagree with a decision relative to your career, your affectation, your salary…

When requesting the Mediator?

In case of persistent dispute, when the initiatives which you have taken with the concerned services have failed.

Which Mediator do you have to request?

The Mediator of national Education and higher education for the complaints concerning the functioning of central services of ministries and establishments which are not under the supervision of a Academy Rector.
The academic mediators for the complaints concerning services and establishments (schools, middle schools, high schools, universities) being under supervision of academy(regional education authority).

How to request the Mediator?

National level :

  • By mail :
    Mme Le Médiateur de l’éducation nationale
    et de l’enseignement supérieur
    Carré Suffren – 110 rue de Grenelle
    75357 PARIS cedex 07 SP
  • By email :
  • Academic level :

E-mail adresses of academic médiators :;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Collectivités d’outre-mer :

Centre national d’enseignement à distance :

Recourse to the Mediator is free of charge and confidential.