The Mediator for the EDF Group

Le Médiateur d’EDF TSA 50026 75804 PARIS CEDEX 08

Alain BRIERE is the Mediator of the Group EDF. He was appointed by the President of EDF in May 2014 for a period of 3 years. He is bound by no hierarchical relationship within EDF. Each year he prepares an activity report which is sent to the Ethic Committee and to the Comex of EDF.

For Alain BRIERE, his independence allows him to have a better understanding of EDF customers.

Mediation could be used as an instrument to rebuild the trust between the Company and its customers but also with stakeholders and suppliers.

Mediation is the key gathering the conditions for a dialogue that is necessary to solve a dispute.  The quality of this dialogue is improved by a renewed and impartial listening.


When to request the Mediator ?

You may request the Mediator concerning disputes involving the following entities:

–          EDF and an individual  professional customer, a company , a territorial authority,

–          EDF and a user of  the electrical network,

–          EDF and an energy producer (photovoltaic, hydraulic, wind…),

–          EDF and a supplier or a subcontractor,

–          EDF and a private customer.

Conditions to request the Mediator ?

Only after you have received answers from the customer services (customer services, consumer advisor etc) at different levels (local and regional).

How to request the Mediator ?

On his web site:

The recourse is free, and the treatment of your case is confidential. An answer will be given to you within 2 months.

For more information, see :