The Mediator for La Poste group, the Mediator for La Banque Postale

Pierre Segura
Le Médiateur du Groupe La Poste 44 boulevard de Vaugirard CP F 407 75757 Paris cedex 15 Le Médiateur de La Banque Postale 115 rue de Sèvres CP G 009 75275 PARIS CEDEX 06

Pierre SEGURA is Mediator of the group La Poste and Mediator of La Banque Postale.

From 1995, La Poste set up a Mediator within the framework of the draft agreement of February 8th, 1995 signed between La Poste and consumers’ associations approved on the national level.This protocol was updated in October, 2005, taking into account the legislative and societal evolutions and planning in particular the possibility of direct referral by all the customers.

The Mediator is appointed by the President of the group La Poste.

The decree of January 5th, 2007 defining the Service Universel Postal specifies the mediation device of La Poste and provides a Mediator, appointed by the President, responsible for treating the disputes concerning the universal mail service and the parcel.Moreover, the law MURCEF of 2001 planned that any financial institution has to have a Mediator.

Since the creation of La Banque Postale on January 1st, 2006, Pierre Ségura is also Mediator of La Banque Postale.Every year, the Mediator présents an activity report to the President of the group La Poste and to the Chairman of the Management Board of La Banque Postale.

The Mediator reports directly to the President of the group La Poste. This connection at the highest level of the company is a pledge of security, of independence and impartiality

According Pierre Ségura, the mediation it is the research for an amicable settlement of the dispute existing between a customer and La Poste. It supposes an attentive listening of the customer to propose a solution in right and equity, allowing to restore the confidence between both parties.

In which cases requesting the Mediator?

The Mediator of the Group La Poste is competent regarding mail, parcels, financial services, network services of post offices, to seek a solution to the unresolved disputes submitted to him. These are disputes concerning the supply of goods or services, or their implementation that oppose customers, individuals or legal persons, La Poste, the parent company and subsidiaries.

With the creation of La Banque Postale 1 January 2006, the Mediator Group has naturally continued the mediation already practiced for financial services of La Poste. The Chatel Law of 3 January 2008 was even anticipated by La Banque Postale because since its creation the intervention scope of the Mediator covers all banking products and services for individuals : credit operations, savings, financial investments and equity, insurance.

When to request the Mediator?

The Mediator can be requested directly, without any intermediary. It is however possible to be assisted by a duly appointed council (consumers’ approved association, lawyer, legal adviser, etc.).

The Mediator does not substitute himself to the Consumers Service, accessible by multi-canals, that the customers have beforehand and necessarily to contact to put down and enforce their complaint. Before committing an action in mediation, all the ways of recourses with the service with which the dispute exists must have been exhausted.

If no solution has emerged or was proposed, Mediator can be requested, this one intervening in last resort and in case of unresolved dispute. Recourse to the Mediator is permitted only in the two following cases: either the claimant has not received an answer within two months after filing of the first complaint, or the answer to his claim does not satisfy him.

Recourse to the Mediator is not possible anymore if an legal action is brought or a judgment pronounced.

The Mediator conducts the investigations on records exclusively. In a concern of objectivity, the Mediator does not receive. From reception of the documents, that is to say the letter clarifying the dispute and photocopies of all the supporting documents, the Mediator acknowledges receipt. He verifies in this opportunity the existence of a preliminary steps and indicates if the request can be the object of a mediation. If the affair is not eligible for a mediation, the Mediator forward the file to the competent service for treatment. When the affair can be the object of a mediation, the Mediator is communicated all the complementary relevant documents for the instruction with the concerned service and proceeds to the instruction of the case.

The fact of sending a request to the Mediator interrupts the prescription for the duration of the mediation until the issuance of the opinion. During the mediation, the complainant may still recourse for legal action.

How requesting the Mediator?

By mail :

  • For disputes concerning mail, parcels, post offices network : Le Médiateur du groupe La Poste
    44 boulevard de Vaugirard
    CP F 407
    75757 PARIS CEDEX 15
  • For disputes concerning products and services of La Banque Postale: Le Médiateur de La Banque Postale
    115 rue de Sèvres
    CP G 009
    75275 PARIS CEDEX 06

Recourse to the Mediator is free. Processing your file is confidential and you receive an answer, in principle, within 2 months.
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